Working principle of filter cartridge dusts collector

The structure of the filter type dust collector is composed of the inlet pipe , the exhaust pipe , the box , the ash bucket , the ash cleaning device , the flow diversion device , the air flow distributary distribution plate , the filter tube and the electronic control device , and similar to the gas box pulse bag type dust collector . The layout of the cartridge filter housing in the dust collector is very important . It can be arranged vertically on the flower board of the box , and also can be disposed towards the flower board . From the effect of dust cleaning , the vertical arrangement are more reasonable . The lower part of the pattern plate is a filter chamber and the upper part are an air box pulse chamber . The air distribution plate is installed at the entrance  into the dust collector . It A part of the coarse particles in the air flows  under the action of dynamic and inertial forces , and the dust particles of fine particle size and small density enter the dust chamber and through the combination effect of cloth bag diffusion and sieve filtration , the dust particles of fine grain size and small density enter into the filter chamber . The dust is deposited on the surface of the filter bag , and the purified gas enters the clean air chamber and is discharged by the exhaust pipe through the fan . When the resistance reaches a certain value, the dust is cleaned.At this time , the PLC program controls the opening and closing of the electromagnetic pulse valve . First , the lifting valve is closed , the filter air is cut off , then the electromagnetic pulse valve opens , the compressed air and the short time expand rapidly in the upper box , pour into the filter tube , make the filter tube expand and deformation to produce vibration , and attach to the filter under the action of reverse flow erosion . Dust on the outer surface of the bag is peeled off and falls into the ash hopper . After cleaning , the electromagnetic pulse valve closes , the lifting valve opens , and the chamber returns to the filtering state . The cleaning chambers are successively carried out , and the cleaning period is from the beginning of the first chamber to the next one . The dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged through the ash wiping valve .